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We get to make up the dating game instead of following rules! I'm married to a young lady from Ostrava and want to reaffirm what you've said.

I've been with my Lady since April 2007 and married since March 2008...we've still not had an argument. She's also quite old fashioned even at the tender age of 21 (22 in August).

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American girls test you every step of the way during the dating process, but my Czech girl let things come as they did and let the relationship set it's own expectations.

It was their fear that if I fell in love over here, I would stay and never return. I was not going abroad to find love—I was going to “find myself.” This would be the “year of no men,” especially since my last relationship fell to the wayside because my ex refused to support my dream of returning to the Czech Republic.

This year would be about exploration and transformation before returning back to the States healed.

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The beauty here is not the type of black/white/native mixture that I love in countries like Brazil, but rather beauty of the blonde-haired blue-eyed variety.

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