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Unlike science and math, which have conclusive answers, politics and religion do not.

We can discuss and […] Boxer, writer, poker player and all around problem solver. I want to help shed light on the principles of proper problem solving. We all pretty much have the same general problems and I'm here to provide some answers and some entertainment along the way.

It's the laughoutloud look at a fun group of friends who spend their days looking for work and their nights in and out of hollywood's coolest afterhours hangouts!

Then they go back to the house, where the requisite male stripper has been put on order.A decade ago, they were frat-house-party hellions who could guzzle their way through a night of beer pong. Jess, now with clipped conservative hair, is running for state senator, and she and her fiancée, Peter (Paul W.Downs), are so respectable and adult that they’re already like an old married couple, too bone-weary for sex.It relegates a longer version of the ape's song and a torch-song-y version of "Trust in Me," performed by Johansson, to the approximately seven-minute end credits sequence, which is so intricately imagined as to be worth the ticket price by itself.Other numbers, including the elephants' marching song and "That's What Friends Are For," performed by a barbershop quartet of mop-topped vultures, are MIA, presumably in the interest of pacing.

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