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PETA's site isn't reserved for just celebrities and adult entertainment stars.Instead, the organization also welcomes regular Joes and Janes to visit the new site and volunteer to go naked at local animal rights demonstrations.Last month, fellow adult outlet x Hamster was found to be serving up a Flash file that exploited a zero-day flaw via a malicious advertisement.Researchers also uncovered a massive malware operation that had spread by way of compromised porn sites.

The court heard how Xie, a student at the east China's Zhejiang University of Technology, had earned more than 160,000 yaun (£10,700) from his porn site which attracted some 1,500 subscribers.

Had the attack succeeded, Malware Bytes says, a trojan, which included an ad-serving browser plugin and tools to collect the victim's personal information, would have slid balls deep into the Windows PC.

The website has been licked clean of the code, and a (purely educational) visit to the site did not turn up any alerts to malicious activity.

One official said that porn "severely damaged social style, polluted the social environment, and harmed the physical and psychological health of the young people".

Last month Wang Yanli was jailed for four years for running an online strip joint.


PETA knows how to raise eyebrows: The animal rights group's memorable campaigns have included everything from celebrities posing nude in protest of animal fur clothing to scantily clad women having an erotic moment with their vegetables to support veganism.

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