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This permitted libraries to undertake additional rewarding co-operative efforts to support resource sharing and expand access to library materials beyond an individual library.

An early example of a digital library is the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) which was "born digital" in 1966.

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technology secretariat, hosted in the SAM Unit, will welcome a trainee for the 5 month session starting October 2017.

Pre-selected applicants with a valid candidate number may indicate their interest by email to the EGE secretariat.

During the one hour meeting, the SAM HLG’s ‘New Breeding Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology’ explanatory note (April 2017) was presented.

Early projects centered on the creation of an electronic card catalogue known as Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

By the 1980s, the success of these endeavors resulted in OPAC replacing the traditional card catalog in many academic, public and special libraries.

This provision is intended to ensure that access is removed for persons lacking an appropriate relationship with the University.

The Oslo program brings together generalist code reviewers and specialist API maintainers.

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They are folks with good taste in Python code, provide constructive input in their reviews and make time to review any patches submitted to the project, irrespective of the area which a given patch targets.

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